Products - Sales Route Accounting

This application performs the daily reconciliation of each driverís daily deliveries. The basic purpose is to verify the accuracy of the driverís work.

The application can be used to verify that the amount of cash the Driver returned equals the sum of the total cash due. The total cash due will include the amounts of C.O.D. invoices that the driver delivered, Payments on Account that the driver collected, and the amount of any full service vending machine cash picked up by the driver.

Sales Route Accounting, Garman Routing Systems

Users can also key Full Service Vending invoices. These invoices include start up invoices, regular service invoices, and close out invoices. The invoice must reference the vending machine to which a delivery was made.

A Trial Settlement can be printed for a day. This allows the user to print reports that detail the reconciliation of each driver, print a pro forma sales journal, etc.  A Driver Reconciliation report is also printed as part of both the Trial and Final Settlements.

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