Products - Sales Order and Truck Dispatch

This application allows the user to process customer orders and assist the dispatcher in composing the most efficient deliveries.

Customer Orders may be processed from a number of sources. These include telephone ("Tel Sell") order entry, Route Card entry, Salesperson Hand Held system orders, and Standing Orders. 

Customer Service / "Tel Sell" Order Entry

This option is designed for calling customers on the phone. The program automatically prompts, in user defined sequence, the customers to be called each day. The program also allows the sales person to accept incoming customer calls.

Route Card Order Entry

This option allows the user to key customer orders from a manually written route card or order sheet.

Sales Order and Truck Dispatch, Garman Routing Systems
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Sales Order and Truck Dispatch, Garman Routing Systems
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Truck Dispatch

Truck Dispatch is designed to allow a dispatcher to organize truck loads, along with truck and driver assignments, to compose the most efficient delivery of customer orders.

The Dispatch Final is run after the dispatcher has completed his work for the day’s deliveries. This processes the day’s orders. It calculates and prints the customer invoices. It prints load sheets, detailing the products to be loaded on each truck. A daily delivery list is then produced, summarizing the customer stops of each driver.

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