Founded in 1980, Garman Routing Systems, Inc. provides route accounting application software and computer services exclusively to the DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Industry. Companies included in these industries are distributors of:

  • Soft Drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Snack Foods
  • Dairy Products
  • Pre-packaged Foods
  • Specialty Foods
  • Coffee Delivery
Route distribution and route accounting software systems for the snack, water and beverage distribution industry.

Garman Routing Systems, Inc. prides itself in reliable products and excellent customer service. Our software system, RoutEX™, is designed to address the specific needs and requirements of the Route Distribution Industry.

We are an international company, with clients in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland and the United States.

Our client services and product development efforts are provided from our offices in Austin, TX, Baltimore, MD and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

RoutEX™ consists of route accounting software specifically designed for both large and small companies in the above vertical industries.

RoutEX™ is divided into the following applications:

RoutEX™ also provides a number of seamless interfaces to external systems and applications, including:

Our products are currently offered for both IBM and Windows systems:

Garman Routing, RouteEX on IBM RoutEX™/400 is designed to run on IBM Mid Range Computer Systems. This includes the IBM AS/400, IBM System i, and IBM i Series. This software applies to large clients who have 50 or more truck routes, with multiple locations. Garman Routing, RouteEX on Windows RoutEX™/Windows is designed for the Route Distribution needs of clients using Microsoft Windows Networks. RoutEX™/Windows offers all the power and flexibility of our main frame systems.

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